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Bricklin Technical Library

Below is a collection of various technical documents that were released by General Vehicle, Inc. and Bricklin Canada, LTD. during the production life of the Bricklin SV-1. The documents below include the original 14 Technical Service Bulletins, a set of schematics that were used in the factory, as well as various original repair manuals for the Bricklin SV-1.

We have also included our own technical documents, which covers various areas of Bricklin repair and maintenance, such as proper door restoration, ways to keep the heat down in a Bricklin, and articles written by BPS owner Terry Tanner over the last 35 years and published in the Brickline Magazine, the official magazine of Bricklin International, the Bricklin Enthusiast's Car Club.

**All documents are in either Adobe PDF format or JPEG images.**

Original Bricklin Technical Service Bulletins

Original Bricklin Service & Repair Manuals

Original Bricklin Factory Production Schematics

New Repair & Restoration Articles

Articles Written by Terry Tanner & Published Over 30 Years In The Brickline Magazine

Miscellaneous Documents and Pictures